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From the Wilderness of Minnesota comes a moving story about a magnificent animal that was born as a result of a union between a beautiful female German Shepherd and a lone wolf. Filled with actiton, suspense, and a heart-wrenching conclusion From The Wilderness is written for readers of all ages and is reminiscent of Old Yeller and White Fang. read more

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The Wrong Way Home
Soon after his arrival at the dreaded Chillicothe Reformatory in Ohio, Jim was labeled a sweetboy, a term to describe an inmate that is boyishly good-looking and appears vulnerable. Within a week, inmates began stalking him, looking for the right moment to beat him into submission and ultimately rape him.  Jim knew how to fight, but regardless of how good his fighting skills were, he realized a group of determined attackers would eventually overcome him. This realization terrified him to the very core of his soul. Because succumbing to such abuse was out of the question, he was left with two options; escape and destroy his life forever, or fight as if he was possessed.The_Wrong_Way_Home.html

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